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Book a private virtual bubble tea class with our founder, Wendy! Learn the ins & outs of what makes good boba, along with fun stories and silly anecdotes of her journey from opening her shop to writing her very own boba cookbook! With Wendy, you will learn how to make tapioca from scratch as well as recreate one of her classic bubble tea drinks. 

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The tapioca was made in house and so fresh and springy! It made this boba drink so much more unique than other bubble teas. Home made tapioca is definitely the way to go!

Doreen L.

Best boba store in the neighborhood. Wendy, the owner, is so nice. She got some serious skills from Taiwan. The bobarista class was a great experience and now they have bobakits for your bobafix at home!

Karmen Chong

Amazing new boba spot. Saw this place on a eater or thrillist list and had to visit it. Boba is also amazing. Great chew to it.

Joey L.

Bobarista certified?? Yes, please!! This was such a fun class! I took this class as a quadruple date with my friends and we had such a great time. Wendy, the owner was very knowledgeable and it was really interesting to learn about her boba school experience in Taiwan.

Vivian F.

Order the tapioca!! They make it in-house and it the perfect level of chewy-ness and sweetness. I tried the grapefruit green tea and jasmine green milk foam and both were amazing.

Priscilla C.

Their house-made tapioca is SO GOOD. The texture is different from that of the packaged pearls, in a fresh pasta vs dry pasta kind of way. They're delicately chewy, and I could tell they added flavor into the tapioca flour because the pearls were subtly sweet throughout.

Alex L.

Homemade tapioca! And they look totally different than the factory-made tapioca balls in most shops - they're golden, light colored, not black, and delicious.

Bonnie G.

This place is so good! I'm so excited that they're opening close to where I live. They hand make their boba, which is a great chewy texture, and they have strong tea flavor. It's also not too milky or sweet! With super friendly staff and great milk tea, this place hits all the marks for a fantastic boba shop.

Laura N.

Say hello to the new bubble tea shop in East Village. The bubble tea here definitely stands out because they use quality ingredients and even make their own tapioca in-house from scratch. The texture of the tapioca is on point!

Connie T.